Lost in the woods

Lost in the woods

Antris Registry needs help finding the right direction

With the slogan “We’ve got your back,” Antris Registry Corp. wants to help keep adventurers, boaters, work-alone professionals – even women on first dates – safe. The London, Ont.-based company’s GPS- and web-enabled registry application, which delivers automatic alerts to an emergency contact, is launching this fall, after five years of research and two of development. The challenge is marketing the service (the basic app is free, or there’s an enhanced version available by paid subscription) to a highly diverse and dispersed group of potential users, says founder and CEO Clyde Beattie. Antris’s primary focus is active people who put themselves at risk – the company has identified 68 broad categories, from executives to seniors to teenagers. To reach them, Beattie says Antris will rely almost exclusively on social networking in its first year, starting in North America. “It will primarily be Facebook, because that’s the best marketing medium at the moment,” says Beattie. “We’re confident we can reach a lot of people at a low cost very quickly.”

—Diane Jermyn / Photograph by Michael Waiter / Illustrations by Chelsea Robinson



This has wide applications over a bunch of different sectors. From a marketing perspective, it may be too diverse. If they don’t have a succinct marketing plan, that may scare away investors. Plus, a lot of phones already have a tracking device. Antris might want to differentiate itself more by focusing on the adventure and travel market. Getting a foothold in one or two primary areas would be huge. On its website, the first three categories are boaters, travelers and hikers. Bucket them all in one group and focus there to start. I know folks who travel all the way to the Caribbean on their boats, and it’s very difficult for friends and family to find out where they are. Look for great adventure stories that would attract media attention. Then go to the broader markets of dating, workers or teenagers.



I’m surprised by the lack of video – a picture is worth a thousand words, so think what a video could accomplish. Antris could make its story timely and relevant with real experiences. This service has a lot of potential, so it would be a shame to relegate it to just one platform. Facebook is losing share with young adults, so Antris needs to create an ecosystem on multiple platforms, realizing that each one reaches different groups – Reddit, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo. It needs to develop a marketing plan that is flexible enough to meet all the demands of its customers – even the ones who aren’t within its target market right now. Also, there are better ways to target customers based on where they shop. That’s where search engine marketing and optimization come into play – at least 50 per cent of Antris’s market spend should be focused there.